In case of Nightintales "first impression" should rather be called the
"first impact". It hit right in my face with "Running", and it could
have happend that I wouldn't have had guts to run any further.

Happily the first impression is overrated, nightintales colourful, so the fate changes and it's finally hard to remove and change the record.

On Nightintales we meet the singing China and grooving NFB Trio (Not For Boys) - Luke Smith - piano, organ, rhodes; "Level" Neville Malcolm - bass; Jerome "Jerry" Brown - drums. Trio's vocal contributions make their performances unique and grant lots of character and fun.

All songs were composed by China Moses and producer Anthony Marshall, whom we can hear in the recordings. Alltogether they create a moody jazz, soul and pop, rather addressed to adults, judging by the lyrics, emotions and some of the songs titles like Nicotine or Hungover. The last one being a special day after tale.

After spending many hours with Nightintales we liked it so much that we decided to share it with you. That is why it becomes The Record of The Week and we can all enjoy it really often this week at radio sopocki.

vvv, 2017-07-23