Traffic was formed in 1967 in Birmingham, England by Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi, Chris Wood and Dave Mason. They were all around their twenties then.

Traffic's music is classified as psychedelic rock, jazz-rock, pop and ‎folk. The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys is the title of a song from their 1971 album where improvised sax, guitar, drums and Winwood's keys develop for over 11 minutes.

The song takes us to the late sixties / early seventies street with its rebellious ideas and buzzing noise of electric guitars. The guitar like the Jimi Hendrix's with whom Steve Winwood, Chris Wood and Dave Mason played in 1968 on Electric Ladyland.

Rafał Świerczyński found Traffic through his favourite Voodoo Child with Winwood on keyboard, and thanks to him we can now listen to this Song of The Day.

The title comes from words written in Capaldi's book by actor Michael John Pollard. They both stayed in Morocco, spending their time listening to Bob Dylan and the Band, planning the movie which was never made. As Capaldi recalls, at the time Pollard was a rebel wearing a leather
jacket and high heeled cowboy boots.

Today, when Bob Dylan has got his Nobel Prize, it is nice to feel the spark of jazz-rock boys from late sixties, and hear them clapping on the corner.



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